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Wearable technology is our expertise

Safeteams provides integrated technological solutions for businesses to help increase safety for their workforce through connected devices.

Over a decade of development has gone into our products to provide you with the most accurate, insightful, and actionable data. We have an established supply chain producing and deploying millions of wearables every year to customers worldwide.




Safely alert workers through light cues from their Safeteams wearables when they are within 6 feet (2 meters) or the recommended distance for their work environment. 


Searching through hours of security footage and interviewing workers to identify those at-risk is impractical. Quickly respond to situations and isolate vectors of contagion using data provided by the Safeteams Contact Tracing feature. 


When an employee is tested positive for COVID-19, our platform will provide a list of employees who are at-risk in a single click, allowing you to isolate the spread as quickly as possible.


Zone Tracing allows companies to analyze traffic within their establishments and identify at risk areas that require additional attention. Measures can then be adapted to these high-circulating zones to mitigate the spread of the virus.

If there is a contamination, areas visited by those infected can be prioritized and isolated for decontamination. 



data-driven decisions

Access accurate data in one click to quickly identify and isolate workgroups & zones at-risk.

seamless, turnkey integration

Simply distribute the wearables to your workers and leave the rest to us. 

Tailored to your needs

Select from the features below to optimize Safeteams to your business.



Get everything up and running within 24 hours.


Additional features


Collect and analyze foot traffic to provide insights overtime on potential vectors of contagion such as specific physical interactions between workgroups throughout your facilities.


Our tools help you identify, prioritize, and visualize the real-time improvements of the contagion mitigation policies you implement in your organization.


Our handwashing feature contributes to protecting your workforce by anonymously monitoring each employee and setting a reminder to wash their hands, thus strengthening their first line of defense against the spread of the virus.

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