Amidst constant COVID-19 variants threats, worker safety is your priority and wearable technology is our expertise.

Occupational health and safety legislation puts significant obligations to ensure a safe work environment for your personnel, both employees and contractors.


Use Safeteams Ultra Wideband connected devices to rapidly and precisely identify all the employees and areas that have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19. Perform data-driven decontamination and attend to those at-risk to stop the spread of the virus within your establishment.


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Contact and zone tracing

Searching through hours of security footage and interviewing workers to identify those at-risk is impractical. 


When an employee is tested positive for COVID-19, our platform will provide a list of employees who are at-risk in a single click, allowing you to isolate the spread as quickly as possible. If there is a contamination, areas visited by those infected can be prioritized and isolated for decontamination. 

safeteams contact and zone tracing


Contagion risk analytics

Safeteams collects and analyzes foot traffic to provide insights overtime on potential vectors of contagion such as specific physical interactions between workgroups throughout your facilities.


Our tools help you identify, prioritize, and visualize the real-time improvements of the contagion mitigation policies you implement in your organization.


safeteams contagion risk analytics


Social distancing

Safely alert workers through light cues from their Safeteams wearables when they are within 6 feet (2 meters) or the recommended distance for their work environment.

safeteams social distancing
data-driven decisions

Access accurate data in one click to quickly identify and isolate workgroups & zones at-risk.

turnkey integration

Simply distribute the wearables to your workers and leave the rest to us.


Keep the workplace a safe environment according to recommendations from health authorities.


Inventory readily available to ship and be deployed.


Privacy is our priority

Safeteams wearable collects no other information than movement, location, and distance while worn. The wearables have their own unique electronic ID independent of any individual’s identity and the information recorded is exclusively in relation to their own ID, not the individual’s identity.


Safeteams is also limited to the workspace, avoiding any risks of violation of privacy associated with mobile applications and GPS features.

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Safety made simple. Available now.