Case Study: CanSave

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CanSave uses Safeteams to be prepared and proactive in handling COVID-19 while working to keep their people safe and at work.

The Client
CanSave was founded in Barrie, Ontario in 1982 by brothers Larry and Cully Koza. What began as a small insulation business has since evolved into a manufacturer of building materials operating under two brands: Cabinetsmith and Doorsmith. From their expansive 150,000 square foot plant in Barrie, they manufacture high quality cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and closets along with interior/exterior doors and garage, storm and screen doors. Proudly Canadian owned and operated, the company employs 170 people who they regard as the cornerstone of the company. CanSave takes great pride in the style, quality and affordability of their products and in their exceptional customer service. They serve all across Eastern Canada and the northeastern United States.

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The Challenge
With school season about to begin and cases already climbing in the 2nd wave, CanSave knew that it was only a matter of time before COVID-19 made its way into the plant. Their primary focus was to keep employees safe and at work while minimizing supply chain disruptions. Although it has become clear that social distancing is the most effective intervention at slowing the spread of the virus, the challenge was in being able to collect and analyze data to identify risks and improve efforts.

The Solution
CanSave decided to incorporate Safeteams as a risk mitigation tool and an integral part of their health and safety strategy. By using the Safeteams technology, they were able to create a clear and defined process to limit the potential spread of COVID-19 within their workplace. Safeteams provides comfort and reassurance to employees and peace of mind to management in knowing that any risk will be identified, traced and responded to rapidly in accordance with established protocols.


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Results & Benefits
When considering all available options, CanSave decided to use Safeteams based on 3 notable differences: cost, weight and technology. The low cost of the device was important because they anticipated that their employees were going to lose and break it. The lightweight design meant a favorable adoption process as the device would be comfortable and easy to wear for employees. Finally, advanced features like the “Contagion Spiderweb” allows them to visually identify at-risk contacts of varying degrees which helps them save an enormous amount of time.

For a large organization like CanSave which has a strong social culture, it was paramount to have open communication and transparency around adopting the Safeteams technology from the very beginning. It is now accepted as a part of their work culture and is viewed as an investment in their safety. Their employees who were accustomed to be physically close by frequent hallway coffee chats and eating in a communal lunch room are now being conditioned to keep an appropriate distance thanks to Safeteams. Safeteams provides visual data that allows management to evaluate their performance based on specific times and places in their plant. For example, they have seen how well employees stayed in their zones or how well they did during break times. They then know where, when and on whom to focus their efforts and have been improving week-over-week. When dealing with the complex crossover by maintenance staff who go into every department, they are able to easily track and manage their movements, identify who they have been in contact with and mitigate the risk.




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