Global Citizen Vax Live x Safeteams: Bringing events back, safely

In the past year, the pandemic cast a shadow on the entertainment industry. Organizers canceled events, concerts and tours were postponed indefinitely, and we had no inkling of when life would return to normal.


Well, the good news is, events are coming back! 


And the recipe for this revival is equal parts cautious optimism and dogged preparedness.

Celebrating hope and the spirit of community 

The Global Citizen Vax Live concert was a global broadcast that aired on May 8, 2021. The spirit of this reunion event was to celebrate hope as families and communities reunite post-vaccination while calling on world leaders to champion equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. 


Saafeteams_jennifer lopez performs at vax liveJennifer Lopez performs on stage at the Vax Live Concert. Image source: jlo_channel on Instagram


The broadcast was taped before the airing, complying with the strictest of COVID-19 compliance guidelines. Global Citizen worked closely with the local health departments and medical response agencies to host a safe event that aligns with state guidelines. 


Global Citizen also worked with different event partners such as Safeteams to create a safe event with a limited audience of fully vaccinated frontline workers.


Keeping crew safety top of mind

As the events industry slowly bounces back, measures need to be put in place to comply with state health and safety guidelines, while also going the extra mile to ensure crew safety.


And that’s exactly what Global Citizen set out to do.


Despite a tight budget, Global Citizen prioritized site crew safety by installing numerous sanitization and safety measures such as compulsory masks, temperature checks, and regular testing of the staff.


As an additional layer of security, Global Citizen also implemented Safeteams—a contact tracing and social distancing solution. With the Safeteams contact tracing dashboard and reporting features, they were able to pull contact tracing information in a matter of minutes, supplementing their rigorous testing practices where crew members were tested for COVID-19 every two days. 


With this solution at their fingertips, Global Citizen was prepared to act quickly in the event of a positive case by identifying and isolating at-risk crew members.


From call to deployment in under a week

The concert crew was divided into three teams—medical, product, and talent—comprising a total of 750 people. 


Each team lead was responsible for distributing the Safeteams’ battery-powered clips to their people and making sure they kept it on their person at all times. After pairing the clips with the Safeteams web-based platform, these were set aside for each crew member in their tagged envelopes.


Additionally, 10 hubs were deployed throughout the entire stadium, communicating with clips and collecting all interaction data between crew members. This data was compiled, aggregated, and displayed on Safeteams' web-based platform.


Global Citizen went from receiving the quote to deploying the solution in their stadium in under a week.


About Safeteams

Safeteams is the brainchild of makers of PixMob and klik, both well-known brands in the events and entertainment business. 


Our motto is to create togetherness, safely. 


Safeteams’ contact tracing wearables help reduce the risk of virus transmission between conference attendees and event crews and are fully privacy and security compliant.

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