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Moderco uses Safeteams as an essential part of a health and safety strategy to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in their facility.

The Client
Founded in 1980, Moderco is a second generation family business that designs, manufactures and sells acoustic operable partitions and associated complementary products and features. Their products are found in conference centers, hotels, auditoriums, restaurants, offices, universities and gymnasiums all across the globe. Based out of Montreal, the company employs more than 200 people yet proudly maintains a family-oriented management style. Moderco is guided by their core values: loyalty, openness, respect, integrity and commitment. They are considered to be one of North America’s leading manufacturers in the industry.


The Challenge
When the first wave of COVID-19 hit Montreal, Moderco was forced to close their operations completely. When they were soon after permitted to reopen, the health and safety of their work family was the top priority for Moderco’s president, Stephan Julien. With work stations close together, an open floor plan and numerous moving employees, they were going to require a robust solution to foster social distancing and make contact tracing efficient to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spreading in their facility.



The Solution

In addition to the government mandate of wearing masks and having hand washing stations, Moderco decided to implement a facility management and sanitation team. Their responsibilities include sanitizing the common areas and lockers as well as surveying all employees with a health declaration upon arrival to work every morning.


They also looked into how they could engage workers in consistent and effective social distancing. Beyond signage, the company began to consider wearable technology as a solution and that’s when they discovered Safeteams.


Safeteams provides a lightweight wearable device that illuminates as a gentle reminder to the employee when they are too close to a colleague. Safeteams also enables the company to quickly perform contact tracing in the event of a contagion, reducing the amount of time and margin of error drastically compared to it being done manually.



Results & Benefits

There have been a few noteworthy challenges Moderco faced in the process of deploying Safeteams in their facilities.


The first being the acceptance of employees to wear the key fob. In the beginning, there was some discomfort around the idea of being tracked. In an effort to build trust, the Moderco team demonstrated to employees specifically how the data was being used. Facility manager, Mike Beaupré, and the Human Resources team presented the Safeteams dashboard to employees so that they could see how it works with their own eyes and understand the process.


The second challenge involved the precision of the social distancing detection. Employees were skeptical of the device because of the precision that varied based on certain conditions. They framed the device to employees as a friendly reminder to respect social distancing instead of as a severe enforcer. By changing this perception, employees started to notice their movement and began offering friendly reminders to each other out of mutual respect.


The third challenge is in managing the Safeteams platform itself. It requires ongoing management to monitor the key fob’s battery life and the status of the hubs which collect data from the fobs. Although implementing Safeteams is an investment of time and resources, Moderco remains convinced that it is well worth it for the health and safety of their employees.


Although the adoption of a new technology always presents some hurdles to overcome, Safeteams remains a first-rate tool in normalizing social distancing practices at the workplace and it makes contact tracing a lot easier and more efficient in the event that COVID-19 should make its way into the workplace.




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