Clarity Through Data: A Contact Tracing Success Story

Updated: Sep 8

These days, a lot of conversations start with a nervous laugh that often says “I can’t believe this is what we’re living”; yet here we are. Six months have passed since the World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic and the race for a successful vaccine is still underway. In retrospect, I doubt any of us could have predicted the extent to which it has impacted our lives.


That’s where my conversation with Jill began. Jill Lakevold is the VP Manufacturing of All Weather Windows, Canada’s largest window and door manufacturer. Generously allocating me a slot in her busy schedule, she ran me through how the pandemic has affected the team and the supply chain from the get-go. Jill’s first thought was how grateful she is for her CEO’s diligence, who decided back in late February 2020 to cancel three business trips abroad. “I go back to him often saying ‘Thank God for your conservatism!’” she laughed.


Safeteams_All weather windows case study_ensuring worker safety


We then talked about the abundance of uncertainties many businesses were facing at the time: Were they an essential service? What did it mean to be an essential service? What was demand going to look like and how were they going to be operational to meet this demand? All Weather Windows’ conclusion was to prioritize continuity of the business and the supply chain, which meant that having a healthy workforce was at the top of their list. They eventually explored how technologies could complement their other initiatives to keep their facilities a safe and healthy environment and discover Safeteams after their CEO jokingly suggested using a Tile to perform contact tracing.


Safeteams_how to ensure worker safety in your industrial facility


Jill explains to me how they’ve taken Safeteams and are now using it for risk mitigation by simulating an infection. The data provided has completely changed their perspective on the extent of one infection. If one of their managers was tested positive, the spread would rapidly wipe their leadership team. To ensure business continuity, they’ve since implemented work hubs, where certain managers should be restricted to virtual meetings with others to avoid unnecessary risk.


Safeteams_Jillene Lakevold, VP of Manufacturing at All Weather Windows_choosing contact tracing for peace of mind


Today, Jill says Safeteams has provided her team with some peace of mind. They can come to work knowing that everyone has been proactive and can quickly recover if needed, thanks to data easily accessible from the platform. They estimate that Safeteams has cut down their response time by hours, if not days.


If this story rings a bell to you and you’ve been through a similar situation with your own business operations, give the case study a read. My conversation with Jill has shed light on how a manufacturing facility can use data as a preventative measure and thrive during these times.


Danny Tran

Brand Manager at Safeteams


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