Contagion prevention and privacy compliance by Safeteams

The Safeteams tracing system provides location data from the employees' wearables, making it easy to follow foot traffic, employee interactions, and contagion prevention analytics. 


Our proprietary tracing tags feed the Safeteams location-based services. These small devices, placed in strategic locations, exchange data with Safeteams wearables, resulting in real-time information about your staff, help you understand contact patterns, and lower risk. Identifying the main potential contagion vectors can help you design a system to prevent the spread of the virus amongst your employees. With confidentiality being a top priority at Safeteams, we ensure compliance with industry standards by conducting diligent research and reinforcing the importance of employees’ privacy.

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Contagion prevention


The features and tools available on the Safeteams portal are designed to help companies make proactive decisions to mitigate contagion risks. Visual representations of the data—displayed in graphs, charts, and other helpful visual forms—highlights fundamental information, and helps you draw patterns from your employees’ behaviours. For instance, the “Contagion Spiderweb” will help you identify at-risk contacts of varying degrees of separation, helping you proactively make decisions and comprehend how one single person can proliferate infection.


Understand your data


Safeteams reports can easily be customized by specific zones, time periods, and individuals, simplifying research by quickly accessing the desired information. With just a few clicks, an accurate report can be generated, minimizing the possibility of human error, and avoiding the need for conducting interviews with employees on-site. Our portal is specifically designed to enhance the user experience while simultaneously facilitating data research. We also provide 24/7 support to all our clients by giving you access to our direct hotline and customer support team.


Privacy Compliance


Safeteams rigorously follows CDC guidelines, and has been GDPR compliant since day one. Employee interactions are recorded anonymously, and remain that way until a COVID-19 case arises at your company. The list of exposed employees is only generated once symptoms are reported, and can then be used to make critical decisions to protect your workforce. To further manage employee privacy, our data is gathered by our hubs only in specific areas of the facility that are carefully pre-selected by the facility manager. Data collection is centralized on a secure platform hosted on Google Cloud, ensuring a safe environment for your data to be stored.


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