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“I have COVID” are three little words no company wants to hear when they have over 350 employees working in close quarters inside a large facility. Courchesne-Larose, a Montreal-based food distributor, had their worst fear come true when one of their employees had contact with a relative who tested positive for COVID-19. Luckily, the company was prepared. 


I sat down with their VP Operations, Frederic Monette, to discuss how they responded and how they were able to keep their operations running smoothly. 


On Friday, our employee was in contact with a relative who was diagnosed with COVID19 on the following Wednesday. He immediately came and told us. Because we use the Safeteams contact tracing solution, we had a report on the employee within a minute; it gave us critical information on all of the employees he had been in contact with in the last 10 days. We filtered down the list to interactions that lasted longer than 10 minutes and we contacted each of those employees within the hour. It was extremely helpful. We contacted the 9 people who had recently interacted with the employee and we interviewed them to better understand the type of interaction they had so that we could determine if they needed to be tested. Without Safeteams, we would have had to rely on the employee remembering precisely who he had been in contact with and interview over 40 people, potentially missing some, making the task quite time-consuming and ineffective. If 40 people had to miss work, this would certainly have had a negative impact on our business operations.”


Luckily for Courchesne-Larose, they were prepared for this incident and were able to stay open while some of their clients were forced to shut down.


Frederic explained to me, “We couldn’t close our operations and risk losing our clients to our competitors. Our employees were worried, so we started looking for solutions that would give them peace of mind. The well-being of our employees is our utmost priority and we want them to feel safe when they come to work. I did some research and found Safeteams.”


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The Challenge


The Safeteams solution consists of providing each employee with a lightweight clip, which traces their interactions and provides real-time reports. Frederic shared that it was a challenge to explain to employees that they needed to be tracked. But once they understood that Safeteams was being implemented to protect their well-being and that the clip could not track their activities outside of the office, they became much more willing to participate.

“Participation is key. If one of the employees doesn’t wear their clip, the results will be skewed. Communication is also key. No one really wants to be tracked, but they are keen to do it in order to stay safe.” 


When asked if he would recommend Safeteams to another company, Frederic answered, “Of course. Its a no-brainer. Why risk your business for approximately $2,500 a month?* It doesnt make sense. Its so easy to use and fast to deploy. We decided to use it in a new facility on Wednesday and by Friday we were up and running. The team is amazing and responsive. Its really worth the investment.”


These are all his own words. So, if you’re looking for a contact tracing solution, give us a call—I assure you that we are very friendly, responsive and experts at what we do.


*Pricing depends on various factors.


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