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MPP Innovation found a trusted partner in Safeteams to help protect their employees against the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities.


At A Glance

MPP is a leading manufacturer of metal components with 800 employees across 6 facilities in the US
• Effectively tracing the exposure of COVID-19 in their facilities proved to be excessively time-consuming and unreliable, leaving managers feeling stressed
• After extensive research, MPP implemented Safeteams in each of their facilities and was seamlessly adopted by their employees, significantly reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading and freeing up time for managers to focus on their primary tasks


The Client

MPP, which stands for Metal Powder Products is a global provider of custom-engineered powder metallurgy product solutions. Based out of Noblesville, Indiana, they have been producing PM components since 1948. 


With 800 employees in the US and manufacturing and sales sites across North America, Asia and Europe, MPP is the leading manufacturer of metal components for several end-markets including automobiles, appliances, lawn and garden equipment, power tools and construction equipment to name a few. Their vision is to become the industry leader for the supply of innovative, custom-engineered products of exceptional value guided by their core values: uncompromising integrity, exceptional customer service, continuous improvement in all they do and recognition of the contributions of their people.


The Challenge

With a facility in Suzhou, China, the MPP leadership became well aware of the novel coronavirus back in January. While the virus spread and began impacting their operations there, MPP CEO, Dennis McKeen, wasted no time in having preemptive conversations about what to do if and when the virus made its way to the US. Once it did, the biggest challenge for MPP was in understanding which actionable steps they could take to keep their 800 employees as safe as possible. 


McKeen immediately started a COVID-19 Task Force––a team made up of himself along with leadership and senior management from each of their facilities. They met every day to discuss new information and identify health and safety protocols to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spreading in their facilities. In addition to the mandate for wearing PPE, the team instituted a full disinfection of each of their 100,000 sq. ft. facilities every week and communicated to their employees the importance of social distancing. 

By April, they began having instances where employees were experiencing symptoms or were exposed to someone who had tested positive. It became immediately evident how difficult, time-consuming and unreliable it was to try and effectively trace the exposure of the virus from the memory of the individual alone. During this time, the company began their research online for the best technology around the world that was being used to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.



The Solution

After much research and consideration across a broad spectrum of options, MPP felt confident in choosing Safeteams as their trusted partner. Safeteams has been successfully providing this type of technology for several years in their work facilitating exchanges and networking at large-scale conferences, trade shows and festivals. Based on Safeteams’ trusted expertise coupled with their uniquely advantageous features and tools, McKeen felt they would be the best partner in significantly reducing both the risk of COVID-19 spreading and the level of stress associated with it.

Results & Benefits

Once the contract was signed with Safeteams, it took less than one week to receive the devices and only two weeks to set up the system and begin collecting data. MPP first tested the system in their Noblesville facility where the employee response was incredibly positive. One month later, the company deployed Safeteams in all six of their US facilities.

Since the start of COVID-19, open communication was always a top priority for MPP, ensuring employees understood all of the actions leadership was taking to keep them safe. One of the ways MPP garnered support from employees was in showing them the Safeteams Portal which demonstrates the critical data it gathers and the “Contagion Spiderweb” feature which displays visually how one person can proliferate the virus. The Safeteams clips are lightweight, easy to attach to ID badges and have a lengthy battery life, all of which made it much easier to integrate for MPP.

One of the features MPP values most is the “Contagion Score,” which provides insight into who is considered high risk based on their frequency and length of contact with others. This allows them to quickly focus their attention on those people to reduce their score. Since integrating Safeteams in their facilities, McKeen has received a lot of feedback from managers who have felt a tremendous relief. Previously, stress levels were at an all-time high as managers worked tirelessly to try and accurately identify and isolate every person who came in contact with someone that experienced symptoms or tested positive. With Safeteams, these lists are automatically generated and the speed at which they can respond to potential risks is incredibly fast, freeing up managers to focus on their primary tasks.

For McKeen, when it comes to support and customer service, the Safeteams team is second to none. He values how responsive they have been, often implementing any feedback they have been given. With Safeteams, he feels like what was once a very confusing and challenging endeavour has been made simple and clear, saving them a lot of time, effort and money.


Safeteams_Dennis McKeen_CEO Metal powder products implements contact tracing


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