Safeteams is the brainchild of the same people behind PixMob & klik, whose wearable technologies have been used by millions of people all over the globe.

Based in Montreal, Canada, our team has over a decade of experience in the wearable technology space. Vertically integrated from R&D to mass-manufacturing to delivery and support, Safeteams thrives in delivering reliable, trustworthy and robust solutions.

Empathy always

Each and every day, we respect the human in all of us and put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, event-goers, and each other. It guides our collaborative spirit, honors what we’re entrusted with, and helps us deliver top notch experiences.

Everyday is a chance to innovate

We approach everything we do with equal parts curiosity and wonder. Yesterday’s solutions might open the door to tomorrow’s challenges, so you’ll always be encouraged to share when you’ve got new ideas.

Boundaries mean opportunities

We’re in constant pursuit of the best solutions — not just the quickest or easiest. Making life simpler for event professionals and attendees often means we confront their ordeals head-on by taking the path least traveled. And we’re not afraid to keep going even when the going gets tough.

Come as you are

Feel right at home in an inclusive workplace that also values who you are. We believe diversity drives innovation and helps us grow together. We don’t just advocate a diverse culture, we embrace it — it's in our DNA.

Time for you

We encourage a healthy work-life balance and offer extensive paid time off to recharge and take care of yourself outside work. We’re generous with vacation time, sick days, parental leaves and we’re happy to accommodate whenever you need a break.

Health is wealth

We’re happy to offer a comprehensive group insurance plan that covers medical and dental care, life, disability, and travel insurance. It even includes specialist care like osteopathy, massages, and more.

Downtime - together

From happy hour socials to Game nights, BBQs, and our epic Christmas parties at a chalet, our Social Committee always has something up their sleeve to get us bonding.

Snacks for days

You’ll always have food for thought around the office. Free coffee and cereals, fresh fruit baskets delivered weekly, fresh Fairmount bagels on Friday. And monthly cake for birthdays.

All access to events

Our job is to help create memorable moments and that means we get to have fun while we witness them too.  You’ll get the chance to live PixMob experiences at live shows from some of the biggest names.

Fit of mind, fit of body

We like to maintain an active lifestyle and love to encourage it with a ton of different sports teams and activities like soccer, crossfit, HIIT, or yoga. If any of these aren’t your thing, you can just start your own.

Account Manager

Operating as Software/Hardware as a Service, we’re looking for someone who has proven capabilities working as an Account Manager within the industrial and/or manufacturing sector. In a 100 days we onboarded a number of industrial clients. Your knowledge of the industry and ideally your contact in health and safety would help us accelerate this.

Leads Generation Specialist (SDR)

You will be tasked with identifying and generating sales opportunities through primarily outbound activities. The right candidate will be one who works well under pressure, thinks out-of-the-box, easily initiates relaxed but informative two-way phone conversations with prospects and is highly self-motivated. The right candidate will also understand how to assess a company’s needs and cater to each prospect specifically.

Workshop Technician

Our Operations department is looking for a reliable Workshop Technician to join our team.


Customer Support Specialist

Our Customer Success team is looking for a reliable Customer Support Specialist to join our team.