For organizations in the manufacturing sector, maintaining a steady production is key to their businesses. Stopping the supply chain for days following a positive case of COVID-19 can be detrimental.

The National Association of Manufacturers conducted a survey of its member companies on the effects of COVID-19 on their supply chain and operations, their financial expectations, and their emergency response strategies.


More than half of the respondents (53.1%) anticipate a change in operations while more than a third (35.5%) are facing supply chain disruptions.(1) 


A solution designed for manufacturers

Workplace requirements can vary drastically from one manufacturing plant to another. We thus have made our technology as adaptable as possible and our R&D team are constantly innovating to adapt our technology to our customers' work environment.

  • The technology is scalable to any size of facility and warehouse

  • Bluetooth based technology is not affected in environments with large metal machinery 

  • Safeteams can operate in high and low temperatures to accommodate various work environments

  • Small and non-invasive wearable technology means it’s easy to fit underneath uniforms

Safeteams wearable technologies can help in various manufacturing establishments:

  • Textiles & apparel

  • Wood & paper

  • Chemicals

  • Machinery

  • Electronics

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