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Safeteams provides integrated technological solutions for businesses to help increase safety for their workforce through connected devices.


Over a decade of development has gone into our products to provide you with the most accurate, insightful, and actionable data. We have an established supply chain producing and deploying millions of wearables every year to customers worldwide. 

Our wearable technologies have been deployed in over 100 facilities all over the world and our devices are certified to operate in over 50 countries.

How it works

1. Each worker owns a Clip associated with an anonymous identifier.

2. The Clip emits a light cue to notify workers when they are within the safe distance identified by health authorities.

3. Clips also communicate with each other to determine how long workers have been in close contact. This information is sent to secured cloud servers via Wifi or LTE and then compiled and aggregated on the Safeteams web-based platform.

4. If a worker is infected, a list of employees who have been in proximity to that person in the previous days and of potentially contaminated areas can be generated within seconds, allowing employers to rapidly respond to and limit the spread.

 How it works

Safeteams wearable technologies seamlessly integrate to businesses of all sizes by adapting its offering to help clients meet the highest standards of operational excellence.