We have deployed our wearable technologies in over 100 facilities all over the world and our devices are certified to operate in over 50 countries. Your data is stored on secure encrypted servers.


The wearable can be attached to a keychain, a shirt or simply left in the employee’s pocket. The Clips operate with a standard CR2450 coin-cell battery that needs to be replaced every week.


Tags periodically emit their individual ID over Bluetooth to Clips in their vicinity. They can be easily installed on walls or on pipes. The tag can last 2 months with a fresh set of batteries.


Clips then periodically transmit their location information to the Hubs that relay the data to our cloud servers using WiFi or LTE.



All interactions are stored anonymously and lists of at-risk employees are only generated when symptoms are reported. Safeteams is limited to the workspace, avoiding any risks of violation of privacy associated with mobile applications and GPS features.

SafeTeams’ data is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, recognized by security experts all around the world for having the strictest security policies in the industry. We have been GDPR-compliant since day-1.


In the case where an employee is tested positive for COVID, their manager can use the Safeteams web portal to initiate the data retrieval process and get the list of all employees who were in the vicinity of the infected employee on the previous days. Using the secure portal, the contact tracing list can be downloaded in minutes so that management can react rapidly.

Safeteams wearable technologies seamlessly integrate to businesses of all sizes by adapting its offering to help clients meet the highest standards of operational excellence.



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